Saturday, 9 February 2013

Rethinking Valentine's Day

Felicia is doubting the magic of Valentine's day but a sexy chef just might change her mind.


There are many things a girl wants on Valentine’s Day.
A romantic proposal was a bit farfetched but a nice dream. A candlelight dinner at a good restaurant was guaranteed to get the thoughtful fella some action.Flowers and chocolates were always nice. At the very least one of those hard candies with I Love You engraved on it.
Catching her boyfriend getting his freak on with his next door neighbor definitely was not on Felicia’s Valentine’s wish list. This was the second time she caught her significant other between someone else’s legs on Valentine’s Day and her belief in Cupid’s powers had taken a nosedive.
In such woeful times, what’s a girl to do but stuff her face with her favorite three-layered pie? She licked the last of the chocolate off the fork with a satisfied sigh, uncaring that every calorie would find its way to her hips and kill her diet.
A throat cleared and she looked up to find sex on legs staring down at her. It was the chef on this tiny dinner. She came here to goggle his behind just as much for his tasty creations. Hoping there was no drool on her chin, she asked, “Hi, Dane. What’s up?”
He placed another piece of pie in front of her. There were two forks. “I was hoping you’d help me finish this last piece of pie.”
She indicated the seat opposite her and he sat. They dug into the dessert. She snuck a peek at him. He was watching her with those green cat eyes. She blushed. Trying to cover up her nervousness, she asked, “So why are you sitting here with little ol’ me instead of one of the many gorgeous women panting at your every footstep?”
“To tell you the truth, there’s only one gorgeous woman I’d like to spend my Valentine’s Day with and I’m already sitting across from her.”
He smiled and damn, if her panties weren’t good recipients for flood coverage.
Maybe Cupid knew what he was doing after all.